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Miss Italia offers a varied menu of pasta dishes, ranging from the most classic traditional Italian pasta dishes to the most exclusive and contemporary specialties. We can assure you that your dining experience at Miss Italia in Saint-Lambert will be absolutely exquisite.

Our hospitable and chic Italian restaurant welcomes you in a warm atmosphere so that you can spend some quality time with family, friends or colleagues. If you like a meat sauce or a tomato sauce for your pasta, you can choose it according to your preference at Miss Italia. Call us right away to place an order or to book a table.


Meat Sauce

Regular- 11.95 Jumbo- 18.95 Half- 9.95

Tomato Sauce

Regular- 11.85 Jumbo- 18.75 Half- 9.85


Regular- 13.25 Jumbo- 21.25 Half- 10.45

Au gratin

Regular- 13.25 Jumbo- 21.25 Half- 10.45

Meat Sauce, Pepperoni

Regular- 12.65 Jumbo- 19.75 Half- 10.45

Tomato Sauce, Pepperoni

Regular- 12.55 Jumbo- 19.65 Half- 10.35

Meat Sauce, Mushrooms

Regular- 12.65 Jumbo- 19.75 Half- 10.45

Tomato Sauce, Mushrooms

Régulier- 13,05 Jumbo- 20,65 Half- 10.35

Spanish Sauce

Regular- 12.75 Jumbo- 20.95 Half- 10.65

Miss Italia Special

Regular- 14.75 Jumbo- 23.65 Half- 11.25

Rosé or Alfredo Sauce

Regular- 14.75 Jumbo- 23.65 Half- 11.25

Arrabiata Sauce

Regular- 12.55 Jumbo- 22.15 Half- 10.35

Carbonara Sauce

Regular- 15.65 Jumbo- 23.95 Half- 11.75

Smoked Meat with Sausages

Regular- 13.05 Jumbo- 22.55 Half- 10.95

Duo pasta (Pennine, Rosé Sauce and Manicotti, Tomato Sauce, Au gratin)

Regular- 17.95


Regular- 15.05 Half- 13.65


Regular- 15.05 Half- 13.65

Seafood with Bechamel Sauce

Regular- 18.85 Half- 16.85


Regular- 2.15 Jumbo- 2.95 Half- 1.25

Meatballs or Pepperoni

Jumbo- 5.35

Stuffed Pasta

Manicoti, Tortellini or Ravioli

Regular Extra- 1.45 Jumbo- 3.05 Half Extra- 1.20

Kids Menu

8 years or less accompanied by an adult

Chicken Nuggets


Pizza Bambino (Pepperoni)


Spaghetti with Meat Sauce


Pogo and French Fries


Served with apple or grape juice or a glass of milk

Italian-style Pasta and Sauces

Taste our pasta at Miss Italia. We are sure you would love our pasta.

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